What they’re saying about The Plea

Newly Updated: 6th December'13 at 10:25am

“[The Plea] are thought of, by many, as the best band that ever emanated from this area…”

“The bands/artists were exceptional but if I had to pick one performance it would be by The Plea — two brothers I believe, two guitars and an exceptional sound — worth going for them alone.”

“[The Dreamers Stadium] showcases the classic raw power of four men playing in a room together, with the scope of The Verve, the swagger of The Rolling Stones and the communal stadium mood of Led Zeppelin. It’s topped off by Denny’s wide-ranging, hypnotic vocals.”

“‘Staggers Anthem’…It does sound a little bit like Coldplay in places though, doesn’t it? The beat in particular. But it’s a good song all the same.”

“If you want a good rock n roll band, basically what you need is, you need plenty of hair, you need a black polarneck, you need loud guitars, you need a good album sleeve, and you need plenty of attitude. I would say that the two gentlemen [Dermot & Denis] in front of me are overdosing in all of these.”

“This is Glass Waltz. Turn it up, and annoy the neighbors, and watch the bellybutton fluff just bounce out.”

“It’s not a subtle album, it does kick the doors down, doesn’t it? …Makes you want to go and see The Plea live, that’s what you want to do, know what I mean… You want to see a rock and roll band!”

“So how many’s in the band?” “Five.” “It’s strange, when you listen to the album, there’s about TWELVE guitars!”

“So where did [Oh Ah Yay] come about? It IS anthemic, one of those ones you hear the first chorus and you’re like “Yep, I LOVE that!”

“I bought your Album after seeing you as Jim’s support in Osnabrück, and I just can’t stop listening to it..:-) Very good music, thank you for that!”

“What a splendid sound you make, guys!”

“Watch out Bono, Den Doherty is on your tail!”

“Don’t know whether it was the best concert of your tour so far. But I know that I came to see Jim Kroft. And at the end of the evening I bought YOUR CD, because I think your music worth to listen to it again.”

“Big love to Denny from Ireland’s The Plea who has a voice sent from some distant benevolent rock n roll Planet.”

“…Until that moment exactly 4 minutes and eleven seconds [into "Windchime"] when Doherty screams a huge “YEEAAAHHH!”, not for the first time during this record either, and Bono immediately sues for copyright infringement…”

“…Bloody good band, cracking crack pot people!”

“Channeling the spirit of Irish bands both past and present, there’s enough new to keep you excited, and enough old to keep you hooked, with plenty of potential hits…”

“The Plea! Amazing band amazing music! Hope to see them as soon as possible!”

“Show was great, thank you guys!!!”

["Oh Ah Yay" is a] “really really good track, one of the best singles of the year, I think!”


More quotes to come, as I run across them!  ♥♫