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The Plea - Toyota Plea-Us

Yup! Placed the order for my new license plate back on February 5, was charged for it right after. Didn’t arrive, didn’t arrive…Waited the required 4 weeks plus the additional 15 days before I called the DMV to say “Hey, haven’t gotten my new license plate yet!” They looked it up, say it didn’t ship until March 7th, and to please wait until the end of the month for it to show up. Oh, but I might want to check with the Post Office to make sure they didn’t have it. So tried calling the post office repeatedly. Apparently, with their budget woes, they didn’t pay their phone bill, never DID get anyone to pick up the phone at our branch.

notetopostofficeSo left a note in the mailbox for our mail carrier this morning, explaining the situation. When I went down to get the mail today, I joked “Wouldn’t it be funny if the plate was in the mailbox today?”

And lo and behold, it WAS! :-O Had the note I’d left for him sitting right on top of it as well.

So have no idea if it was just coincidence that it showed up the day after I call about it and the afternoon after I’ve left a note about it, or if it actually HAD gotten misplaced and the note just reminded him that it was there, or exactly what happened. Just seems kind of funny for it to be shipping from someplace in Raleigh to someplace ELSE in Raleigh, and take 2 full weeks to get here. But in any case, it arrived today, and is already on the car, ready to befuddle (“Oh Ah WHUT!?!”) the drivers behind me. :D And now I can refer to car as my Toyota Plea-us. LOL

Vote for The Plea and Glass Waltz at StarFM’s Top 30 Countdown

StarFM Countdown The Plea Glass Waltz

In other news, yes, it’s time for the weekly “PLEASE VOTE FOR THE PLEA AND GLASS WALTZ!” part of my blog. Thanks to all your voting last week, The Plea and Glass Waltz jumped three places in the StarFM Top 30 Countdown from #19 to #16. New goal for this week? Let’s get them into the Top TEN, shall we?

So head over to StarFM Top 30 Countdown and VOTE! Again, you don’t have to register, you just click the link, find The Plea at #16, click to select them, then click the big red Jetzt abstimmen! button at the bottom of the list.

Don’t know the song? Easy three step process to remedy that:

  1. Click this link to hear the song:
  2. Take two seconds to realize how good it is.
  3. Go to StarFM Top 30 Countdown to vote!

Then check the page frequently. You can vote multiple times from multiple browsers (ie this morning when I saw they’d updated the page for the new week, I voted from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome from my PC, and Firefox, Opera, Skyfire, and the default Android browser on my phone.) So remember, you can vote multiple times in multiple ways. Then remember to tune in Saturday morning to see how The Plea and Glass Waltz did!

So please vote! As many times as your PCs and laptops and smartphones and Kindles and iThings will let you vote, via as many browsers as possible! Thank you!

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