The Plea’s Summer Tour Diary, Part Deux

The Plea and Snow Patrol – July 3-4, 2012


Snow Patrol and The Plea Germany

While I’m waiting for Part 5 of The Plea’s Irish Summer Tour Facebook Diary to materialize (which may be a while, since it looks like they’ve got their hands full for at least the next few days ;-) ), thought I’d put together a little something for their new tour dates. Why? Because. (Or as they say in Germany, since that’s where they be playing: “Warum? Darum!”).

Hey, I’m a web-geek, it’s what I do. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, geeks gotta code. :)



Germany Snow Patrol and The Plea Map

The Distance:

Dresden to Cologne: 573 km, 5 hours 35 mins

The Dates:

A) Tuesday 3rd July: Dresden Elbufer

Elbufer Dresden The Plea and Snow Patrol


Added 7/18/12: Photos from Dresden added HERE.

Added 7/9/12: Videos from Dresden

Many MANY thanks (Vielen vielen dank, if I want to keep practicing my Deutch ;-) ) to Maximilien de Croÿ-Roeulx for giving me the go ahead to use his videos and photos on my site! He got some great ones from both Dresden and Cologne.

Here are clips from The Odyssey and one of my favorite songs, Praise Be:



B) Wednesday 4th July: Cologne Lanxess Arena

Lanxess Arena Cologne Germany The Plea and Snow Patrol

Added 7/15/12: Photo gallery from Cologne

Just a gallery of photos I’ve gathered from here and there online from the concert in Cologne. Y’all shot some GREAT ones! :)

Added 7/9/12: Videos from Cologne

Here’s a few clips from Staggers Anthem, Praise Be, and Glass Waltz:

And someone was kind enough to shoot Staggers Anthem in its entirety from out front and post it on YouTube, I think it came out great so embedding it here. Awesome clip!