The Plea’s Summer 2012 Irish Tour

The Plea’s Summer 2012 Irish Tour Diary

Got tired of bouncing all over The Plea’s Facebook page to read up on their recent Irish tour, so much like I did when I put all their YouTube videos on a single webpage for convenience sake, thought I’d consolidate their tour diary onto one page as well. :) Would love to just embed their page on my blog, but apparently FB isn’t too keen on that and it refuses to embed. So I’ll just do it this way.  No pics mine (except the map), everything here is taken from Facebook. And one pic is NOT technically from the band diary, but included it because, well, it fit. :)

The Plea – May 25

So we’re ON TOUR throughout JUNE!

We’ll be touring The Dreamers Stadium which is available now via iTunes! We’re heading through Galway, Belfast, Cork, Dublin…Plus more.

Full tour dates are below and in the events tab!

(A) Wed 6th June – Galway, Roisin Dubh
(B) Thur 7th June – Belfast, King’s Head
(C) Wed 13th June – Cork, Old Oak
(D) Thur 14th June – Dublin, Whelans
(E) Fri 15th June – Blanchardstown, Captain Americas
[deleted the two shows that were canceled - ed.]
(F) Sun 24th June – Westport Festival, Westport

[For those, like myself, who aren't from around there and have no idea where some of these places are, I include a handy-dandy tour map. :) - ed.]
The Plea Irish Tour Summer 2012

The Plea – Wednesday (posted June 20)

Short snippet from a short tour

A quick update to all the great people of the online world on how this Irish tour went, with still one date to go, plus some dates in Donegal but we’ll get to that… Highs ‘n lows – mostly highs, but don’t read into that. Mostly.

First gig: Galway
That was newcomer ‘Handsome Dave’s’ first gig ever. Dave was a Roadie with us on most other gigs and somehow ended up playing guitar in the band. Bit of history on Dave for any of you ladies out there that may not have heard of him… what can we say? He’s got an eye for a woman in a shell suit and a very high tolerance for everything else, except the Smithwicks which is his Achilles heel. He was born on the ‘Crossroads’(the Annagh cross roads, close to Ballyliffin) and plays the guitar exactly like a person born there. He survived the tour on a rare diet of …ah… Smithwicks and, oh yeah, crisp sandwiches – the ultimate secret to his handsomeness. Pretty sure he wept during the song ‘Windchime’ every night. That’s Dave though, a man with tattooed ships and a fear of the ocean. Great guitarist though.

The Roisin Dubh


Galway: The Roisin Dubh

Good gig, stopped off to visit W.B Yeats’ grave on the way and had a sandwich with about fifty yanks. I believe we had the ham with a sprinkling of cheese and onion crisps followed by a swift ale in the nearest local for good measure, and a toast to a great poet, also Handsome Dave. He mostly does Limericks though and was planning to open for the band in Co. Limerick doing a Limerick, alas it was not to be and like all good ‘horsemen we passed by’. Anyway, the gig in Galway became the point in the set list where ‘Windchime’ replaced the song ‘Too Young To Die’. A big shout out to Skye, DJ for Galway’s Flirt FM, for helping us load the gear out. We paid him in cigarettes. Also, to ‘Lurch’ the nightporter in a local hotel there who kindly woke us up at the bar for breakfast in the morning. We all had the continental and fled for Belfast.

The Plea – Yesterday (Posted June 21)

Part 2 of the band’s diary from their Irish tour. Next up Belfast & Cork.

The Plea - On Stage - Kings Head (Thanks to whomever posted this on FB!)
The Plea at King’s Head – from a fan post, not the tour diary :)


Belfast: King’s Head

The venue surprised everyone, even Paul who once slept through a car crash in Holland…he was driving at the time but that’s another story… Anyway, there were some good bands on the list in Belfast, ‘The Couth’ being one I really enjoyed. But all bands are created equal in the eyes of the God of rock (who ever he, she or it is) and we enjoyed listening to them all. Thanks to ‘Super-fiction’ for having us as special guests. There was a mad scene happening across the road in the Kings Hall as ‘DeadMouse’ (DJ) was spinning and piles of drunken disorderly creatures were writhing and kicking and gauging on the road no less, with the cops there to watch on and take bets. None of them made it to the Kings Head though, but it was a scene of great rock n roll… if only we could have had them in there! Can’t have it all though, so it was back to Dublin and the toll bridge where we had no Euros but gave the girl on the toll a free album and the light turned green, so thanks to that toll booth angel.

The following day in Dublin we spent doing live radio shows, broke a few strings and forgot a few lyrics.

Old Oak - Cork


Cork: The Old Oak.
First time for a lot of us getting to Cork City and we did what all bands do – headed for a music shop that may or may not have had an exhibition to Rory Gallagher. This time it didn’t and so obviously we headed for a pub to take a minute and relax. Mutton Lane pub is located on a side street in the city centre, recommended by the crew in Cork’s 96 FM and it was well worth the hour it took to find it. Dark during the day with candles lit, great tunes playing on the inside and the match on display on the narrow lane outside the pub. Great Guinness there, even Handsome Dave opted for one and a Smithwicks man in the far corners of Ireland somewhere slowly wept a lonesome weep… A great pub and I highly recommend it. The barman was literally leaving for Poland that night – just him and his ticket and one desperate last glimmer of hope shining out of his one big eye. He was convinced Ireland would beat Spain, said he was a part time fortune teller. Part time… We had a pint or two and headed for the venue. We set up just after the last match at around 10:30, then played a gig for the good people of Cork. All survived and we even played an encore, but not before Denny re-claimed Rory Gallagher as a Donegal man to much jeering from the Cork buoys. Passed a car crash on the way back to the hotel, just a small one outside the city centre. Paul was not driving, thank heck! Back to the hotel and an early morning was had after a late night at the bar. Breakfast this time was the full Irish and the Irish were full.

The Plea – 5 hours ago (posted June 22)

Part 3 from our Irish tour blog. Next.. Whelans

Whelan's - Dublin


Dublin: Whelans
The day of Ireland’s great come back and new hope had been restored and the chants of ‘you’ll never beat the Irish’ lifted the moral of the country to Croagh Patrick and back! ‘Come on!’ But this is what really happened…. We got to the hotel, loaded the gear into the venue and headed to do some more radio promo.

[The Nova100 interview? :) - ed.]

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!


Got back to the venue just in time for the match and sat and watched the inevitable hopes of a nation draining like the dregs of Handsome Dave’s Smithwicks barrel (he carried a small one with a straw, lunch he called it). As the 4th goal hit the net the crowd began to sing the ‘Fields of Athenry’, which is where the Irish team would have been better of playing that day – maybe against Athenry FC or whoever… Anyway, we all cheered them on and the gig kicked of about 10:45. It was by far the best gig of the bunch, we could have played right through to the dawn but we didn’t. Some weird people at that gig, but weird in a good way and the crowd sang the tunes back and I think we all felt lifted or maybe someone got lifted by the local helpful Gardai… Either way a crazy night ensued, night clubs emptied out, hotel rooms filled up and guitars came out and got strummed till the morning, as it should be and hopefully ever will be! Quality night.

The Plea – 23 minutes ago (posted June 23)

Tour blog Part 4. And finally Captain America’s in Dublin.

Thanks to all who came along.

The Plea - Captain America's - Dublin

Dublin: Captain America’s,
Well, what can we say about this gig. It was the one we were unsure off but after we drove around a few retail parks we finally found the venue. It’s sort of like Blanchardstown Hard Rock Café but with a lot more guitars and vinyl on the wall than you’ll see in most Hard Rock Cafés. Even a Harley in the door-way. This may give the impression that a lot of bikers are about pull up and eat and drink and cohort everything in the place but it didn’t happen on this night. We, however, did do all those things. I knew it was gonna be a hell for leather night when the waitress asked if we’d prefer a pint or a coke with our meal and every man answered a coke…a coke… yep, and the night sort of sat on that high from there. About 3 hours later when we finally got Handsome Dave down from the rafters, he went with the mushroom surprise soup and what a surprise it was. We got his favourite ‘Bob the Builder’ record on for him and he hummed along with that until the sound-check and miraculously recovered to play a blistering set! I asked him afterwards what he most enjoyed about the gig and he said it was the first time he ever played an open air gig. I got worried then as the gig was inside, but we finally got him out of the venue and into the van when the sound man turned on the sprinklers and convinced him it was raining! A sight to behold. Bless him, but he’s new and the chips do fall where they may…. But what a cool venue upstairs, well worth a visit to watch a show there. We had a guy called ‘Curtis’ supporting us with his acoustic and he played some of his own tunes and some by Eminem and the guy that’s acting as ‘Hendrix’ – the one that sings the song ‘Hey-Ya’. He’s just back from Nashville and recording some tunes at the minute. We played a decent set and got some requests on the night. Windchime seemed to be a favourite there and the crowd got ecstatic when we told them it was written about Blanchardstown in honour of its enormous windy retail parks. The people that were there were great and no-one fell asleep! Cool venue and well worth checking out for a gig. On the way out we felt it our duty to retrieve two vinyls for the band – one ‘Street Legal’ by Bob Dylan, and the other Handsome Dave picked and that was by Bob the Builder entitled ‘Sing-a-ling-a-long’. He reckons he’s framing that one.. Annagh Crossroads…Smithwicks….Student.

Lets apologise about the mix up for the Letterkenny show in the Green Room (or maybe they’ll apologise). We will be there again. Also for the postponed gig in ‘Swan-Lane’ in Navan – we will be back there on the next round and Limerick will also be played on the next round…

Next we head for Westport Music and Arts Festival on Sunday 24th June at 2:30pm. Looking forward to seeing some good weather and some great bands on that one! And this will, of course, be Handsome Dave’s second outdoor gig…Christ… After that we head further afield, but will update on that later.

Thanks to one and all who came along.


Thanks to: Flirt FM Galway, Today FM/Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, Phantom FM /Michelle & Ritchie, 98FM/Siobhan O Connor, Ocean FM/Ocean Wave, LMFM/Brendan Tier, Highland Radio/John Breslin, Clare FM/Ross O Dohoghue, SPIN1038/PLAN B, Radio Nova/Rock Report Marty Miller, Beat 102-103/Rob O’Connor… Cheers for having the band on!


[Two comments:

1) You just KNOW that I'm gonna go mad googling all of those radio stations looking for podcasts/listen again links!  :) and

2) "When Fandoms Collide" again! Scary when the tour diary mentions "Bob The Builder" and the first thing that comes to MY mind is - of all things - John Barrowman's FATHER from 2011 Tour in Brentwood. I'm sorry, that juxtaposition in my head of The Plea and the YMCA part of the JB tour is just, well, more than a little mentally jarring! :D If you have an aversion to seeing someone's elderly parents dressing up as half of the Village People, click at your own risk. (I just edited this part of the show for Disc2 of the DVD I'm doing for JB's 2011 tour, so, well, it was really fresh in my head. "Aye, FRESH!" *snicker*) - ed.]


All caught up until Westport tomorrow! Thanks for keeping us in the loop, y’all!   8-)