The Plea – “Staggers Anthem”

The Plea’s ‘Staggers Anthem’ video is released!

10/12/12: *SQUEE!* The “Staggers Anthem” video has officially been released. It’ll apparently be out on YouTube on Monday, but is out exclusively in Germany right now. Although how exclusive it can be when it’s been shared on Twitter AND Facebook AND who all knows where else many MANY times since this morning, it’s kind of EVERYWHERE already…

…including, ummm, here. LOL “Have Embed Link, Will Travel!” :D

Currently the “My Video” version from the German site is not viewable from the US, but hopefully for you visitors coming to us from Deutchland, it plays fine for you. For you folks from elsewhere who can’t see the video here, I’ve included the YouTube version over on the  YouTube page as well.

Awesome AWESOME video. Although the right (the artsy-fartsy side) of my brain has to constantly SHUSH the left (analytical side) of my brain each time it tries to complain that it’s fairly certain that those space animations are astronomically (literally!) impossible. LOL. Right brain LOVES those though. ♥

Behind The Scenes:

Still got a little time to go before The Plea’s video for Staggers Anthem is released, but the Powers That Be have shared a couple of short video clips and some photos from Behind The Scenes to hold us over until then, so thought I’d add them here. :)






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