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Updated: 9th June'13 at 1:15am

The Plea on YouTube

And can’t have a video page without some YouTube videos, right? Used to download the YT vids then upload to my server, but since I found out that “unlimited space” on a server doesn’t always really mean “unlimited” (my last hosting provider waited until I was 13GB over my “unlimited” limit before they told me, then threatened to kill the site unless I fixed it; I fixed THEM, I now have a NEW provider. Neener neener neener!) Sorry, inner child took over for a second. Now I’ll just embed most of the YouTube videos and let YouTube handle the storage space. :D

So without further delay, here are all the videos for The Plea that I’ve been able to find on You Tube, collected into one handy dandy convenient place!

Added 6/6/13: The Plea in Germany

Oh Ah Yay – Munich1; Oh Ah Yay – Munich2; Jim Kroft & Denny – Waiting For the Healing in Munich; Shorter clip of Denny & Jim – Waiting For The Healing in Osnabruck, Staggers Anthem – Hamburg, The Odyssey – Hamburg, Too Young To Die – Hamburg

The Plea at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Another great video from Sarah Miller, the only person to post video from Brighton! Thank you again, ma’am! :)


Added 4/29/13:

The Plea at Barfly

Sarah Miller did a great job of capturing nearly 10 minutes of The Plea’s set at Barfly earlier this month. HAD issues with the camera card where it would only capture about 20 seconds at a time, but she did a nice job consolidating them into one video. The only thing is that the video was uploaded standard screen in a wide screen space, so video geek that I am, I fixed that and uploaded the result to the Zetland/Roadhouse/Barfly gallery page HERE as well.


The Plea on DonegalTV

Last week The Plea were on a half hour show called Donegal TV. DTV edited down the clip to include just the segment with the Plea and put that on YouTube. The only thing they missed was the intro when they’re introducing them at the start of the show. I’ll be uploading the complete Plea footage (both the intro and the full interview) to the Onsite Videos page soon. But meanwhile, here’s the clip they posted to YouTube.


“World Away” at the Dublin Castle from February

And I don’t think I ever added this one to the site anywhere, The Plea playing a NEW song “World Away” at the Dublin Castle from back in February. They also just played it in the 4FM radio studio when they did an interview with them yesterday. You can find the link to THAT version of the song on the Audio Captures page.


Added 1/14/13:
The new video for “Glass Waltz” was uploaded to YouTube this morning!

Yay! I prefer the YouTube to MyVideo, it makes downloading the HD version of the video much more doable. And the HD version, if the previous video for Staggers Anthem is any indication, will look just great on the HDTV upstairs. Woot! :)

I embedded the German version (same content, just on a different site) to my Glass Waltz page (which thanks to Gerry and Fabrizio, includes some photos from the shoot, plus a few reviews, and some screencaps from the video).

Added 12/20/12:
The new video for Send It Out is up on YouTube now!

Finally adding the new “official” version of Send It Out from YouTube here. It’s very similar to the older live version (see way down the page below), except that it’s shorter, not live, and no fan interviews at the end. ;-)

Actually I really LIKE that live version of the song, it’s one of my favorite “horked the audio from YouTube” Plea songs on my car mp3 CD. Love the longer intro and the bit of audience participation.

Funny though, while I’d played Send It Out multiple times in the car since Dreamers Stadium was released, it was several months before I actually heard it IN the house without any road or car noises, and I was really surprised to find that the little jangly sound in the background at the start of the song was actually PART of the song! LOL. See, I’ve got a bell that hangs along with a dream catcher and some other things from my rearview mirror ( photo here ), and since I’d always just played the song in the car, always just assumed that the little *dingledingledingle* noise in Send It Out was just the bell jingling while I was driving. The first time I heard it played back on my PC, I was like “Oh, it’s actually ON the CD!” Whoda thunk it? :D

And in case you missed it on the December UK Tour page, the other new You Tube video for the Plea is the one someone shot at Club Surya when they played there last time. All 7+ minutes of Windchime ! It’s kinda made of awesome. *squee*And FINALLY added – have no idea how I missed them all this time before now, very lengthy blonde moment, I suppose *facepalm* – those two 2FM YT commercials. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, they’re there now.


Added 10/15/12:
The new vid for  Staggers Anthem is up on YouTube now!

Got a whole page for the new video here , but here’s the official YouTube video uploaded this morning. Yay! A Plea video that was actually OF The Plea, not about a Plea bargain, or a Plea agreement, or a Plea for Peace concert. ;-)



Added 10/4/12:
‘Like A Rolling Stone” – Dermot & Denny at Dylan Fest 2009

With all the hunting I’ve done through the YouTube archives, I can’t believe I never ran across this one before. A short 29 second clip posted by brendandonaghy . Wish it was longer, and lighter, but thankful for ANY new (to me, anyway) video of The Plea. And well, y’all know me, while I can’t do anything about the length, I had to see if I could at least brighten it up a bit! Just set up a page for all things Moville/DylanFest related, the end result is there. Meanwhile, here’s the original YouTube video.


Added 8/1/12:
‘The Dreamers Stadium’ Album Sampler (from ThePleaOfficial )

An audio only YT video, but a great way to check out what the Dreamers Stadium CD sounds like.
And yes, the whole album IS this good!

(And so happy to have a YouTube video show up in my search list that finally is about the RIGHT Plea, not someone’s courthouse Plea agreement, or another concert from The Plea For Peace Center in Stockton. :D Wouldn’t have this problem if they’d just kept the name Jacob’s Plea , you know! ;-) )



Added 7/9, 7/10, 7/11 2012:
Cologne: Soundcheck, Staggers Anthem, The Odyssey

Added 7/9/12: Staggers Anthem
Added 7/10/12: Soundcheck (from ThePleaOfficial)
Added 7/11/12: The Odyssey (from ThePleaOfficial)

Three YouTube videos so far from the two show stint that The Plea did with Snow Patrol: A soundcheck and The Odyssey posted on YT by the band, and Staggers Anthem , the entire song. LOVE when people have the patience to shoot whole songs! :)

Soundcheck, Staggers Anthem, The Odyssey


Various and Sundries:

Oh Ah Yay (Roland Sessions), Nothin’ But Trouble (11th Hour), Nothin’ But Trouble (BalconyTV), & yes, once again, Nothin’ But Trouble (that someone apparently swiped from The Plea MySpace page)


From The Plea’s official YouTube channel :

Glass Waltz, Oh Ah Yay, Windchime, Nothin’ But Trouble


From Planet Function’s official YouTube channel :

Odyssey, I Am The Miracle, Praise Be


From MillerandMillerUK’s official YouTube channel :

Send It Out, Windchime, Out Like a Light, Feel It Ticking


Some YouTube Interview Clips from the Above Sites:

RTE Interview Part 1 of 2; RTE Interview Part 2 of 2; RTE Arena Radio; Lisa Verico, Times(London);
2FM TV Advert Feat. The Plea (30 Second TV); 2FM TV Advert Feat. The Plea (40 Second Cinema)

(Anyone notice that the 30 Second TV spot actually runs 43 seconds? And that the 40 Second Cinema spot actually runs 50 seconds? So much for “Truth in Advertising!” LOL ;-) )