The Plea Website Updates

Just because I got a year older on Friday doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything done on the site this weekend. :) (Although it was tricky yesterday, fandoms were colliding again, when the Barrowman was co-hosting a 4 hour block of G4 Network coverage of the Comic-Con in San Diego yesterday afternoon, which meant recording it, editing it, and uploading it last night for the folks in the UK who couldn’t watch it. But I got ‘er done! LOL)

Anyway, I added 2 new pages:

  • My first photo gallery (with others to come, now that I’ve finally found a gallery set-up that is exactly what I was visualizing all along, that I managed to swear at and wrangle into submission yesterday) of all the photos I’ve collected from Facebook and other places online from when The Plea opened for Snow Patrol in Cologne on July 4.
  • And since I’ve still not seen lyrics to Dreamers Stadium posted anywhere, went ahead and set up a lyrics page for those. I’m still working on that one, actually, but all the lyrics ARE there at this point. Manually typed, so hopefully there aren’t any typos.

And a few other minor things of note…. added some additional rotating backgrounds to some of the pages (changed them on the intro page, and added them to the photo gallery and the audio page), matched up the Miracle lyric to the page with the Miracle rotating background (yes, I AM a little OCD about that, it was bugging me to have a background slideshow with screencaps from the Miracle video, and have lyrics for an entirely different song on there! :D), and discovered if you go to the home page, and mouseover the three blurbs at the bottom of the page, if they’ve got rotating backgrounds, the small images in the blurbs rotate as well. Didn’t realize they did that myself until this morning. Pretty slick, wish I’d thought of it, lol.

Anyway, will keep plugging away at the site as time allows, hope everything still works, sometimes the more I tinker late at night, the worse I make things.

Cheers! :)

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