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Haven’t blogged about updates to the site in a while, so lets see if I can’t wrangle up a list of what’s new here…

Well first of all, in case you didn’t notice, I DID slap a new coat of paint on the site sometime back. Kinda miss the background slideshows of the old site, but just couldn’t pass by this new theme, which was just custom made for a band site, particularly the ability to list the upcoming gigs right there on the front page. Have had several people tell me things are easier to find now than they were before as well, so it’s all good. Will forgo the artsy fartsy backgrounds in favor of the site being more functional. :)

Upcoming (and Previous) Shows List:

Had kept up an Upcoming Shows page, with each month in a new tab on the page, but this new theme, as I mentioned, actually is set up to do show pages and list them on the front page of the site. Have done some geeky code tinkering and was able to also set up a separate Upcoming Shows and Previous Shows list accessible from the main menu under Tours. Have been keeping those pages up with any photos and/or videos that materialize from each show.


Also conveniently located on the front page now, below the Recent News and Upcoming Shows list, is a Featured Songs section. Well, it WAS originally a place for Featured Songs, but someone figured out that a band site should really have a VIDEO on the front page, and worked out some mad coding changes to the CSS and PHP files that replaced the songs area with a place for videos instead. FINALLY got brave enough to give it a go (I don’t know all that much code, so I basically just followed the directions, and replaced what they said to replace and prayed it wouldn’t break the site), and replaced the audio player with a video player that has a play list of all 2 hours and 15 minutes of Plea video that is on YouTube. Then added a second one for the video of When the Boat Comes Home for Denny, since he likes that one, and now he won’t have to look all over the site for it. :) Still working out player options to be able to add Vimeo to the front page as well as consolidate some of the onside videos, but that’s still a work in progress.

Have also added a page for all of the Plea Vimeo videos that I’ve found. Mostly duplicates of what is on YouTube, but did find a one or two that seem to be Vimeo only, so went ahead and set up a page for the lot of them.


The Plea Album ArtAlso on the front page (see? so much stuff conveniently easy to find right on the front page now!) are the Photo Galleries. Most are redos of the ones that I had on the prior site (which are actually still there, those can be found on the Main Menu under Photos), but have added a few new Galleries that are new, including all the photos that The Plea and others have posted from the Zetland, Roadhouse, and Barfly gigs that took place last week. And now that I’ve got cover art for ALL the Plea CDs, have set up a gallery for all those as well.


Speaking of CDs, have added the last missing CD “The Haunted” to the Albums page, and finally added a “play” button for a couple of sample songs (went with the ones that were my personal favorites) from each CD on the page. Hoping that they release some of the old school songs from their first few CDs, there’s a lot of good stuff on those CDs that people won’t get to hear otherwise, and that would be a shame, since they ARE really good songs! ♥♫

Fun and Games:

The Plea Fun and GamesHave y’all visited the Fun and Games page? Just ran across the games plug-ins while looking for other things, and thought they’d be a nifty addition to the site. So set up a Memory/Find the Pairs game (using album art or video related photos), a word search puzzle (find the album/song titles), a jigsaw puzzle (using screencaps from the Glass Waltz video), and a sliding puzzle (using photos from Dreamer’s Stadium). If you’re bored and looking to kill a little time, the Memory game is my personal favorite. :)


Other various and sundry things that are different on the site:

The Sidebar: Always tinkering with that, trying to put lots of little blurbs along the side without bogging the site down too much. Most recent additions being the Vote For the Plea at StarFM link, a new and improved Twitter widget, a map for anyone who doesn’t have a clue as to where Ballyliffin is, and a place for some random CD and Cover art.

The “Bits and Bobs”: Still keeping up with the Bits and Bobs page, screencapping and uploading whatever reviews and articles that I can find about the band. Had to recently revise it a bit, apparently the gallery I’ve been using for that was NOT set up to work with tabs like I had it, and when I changed themes, it apparently broke it. So all the info is still there, it’s just done a little bit differently, using drop down boxes instead of tabs.

And not sure if I’m done with this post because I ran out of additions, or because I’m too sleepy to find any more, but put a fork in this post, it’s done! :D So don’t forget to vote for The Plea and Glass Waltz over at StarFM as soon as they put up the voting page again (link in the paragraphs above or at the top of the sidebar), but no worries, if you forget, will be posting reminders all week. :) Really need to vote and vote and vote; last week Glass Waltz actually dropped a place, back to #16 again, so PLEAse VOTE whenever you think about it. KTHNXBAI!


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