The Plea Photos from Westport

Been kind of waiting for someone to post Part 5 – Westport Music and Arts Festival – of the Summer Tour Diary over on Facebook so I could link the Westport photo gallery to the Westport entry, but the band seems to have moved on to other things without having time to actually write anything for that (I guess playing shows with Snow Patrol and starting work on the new album might have that effect on a band, no? ;-) )

So I guess I’ll just link the Westport gallery back to the Summer Irish Tour Diary and let it go at that. :)

Some REALLY great photos in this batch, I’ve actually had THIS photo of Denny as my home PC wallpaper since I saw it. :-O That’s not creepy is it? LOL Really not obsessed, just think it’s an awesome shot. :D
(click for shadowboxed version so you can see all my geeky desktop toys)

The Plea - Westport - Denis Doherty

Anyway, same info applies as in the other galleries, none of the photos are mine, so if you see yours and you’d rather them not be here, just let me know and I’ll take them down. Otherwise, just click on the thumbnail to get the larger shadowboxed version and to slideshow them if you want.

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