The Plea – Onsite Videos

Will be adding more as I run across them, but for a newbie fan who had never heard of these guys before April 14th of last year, not too bad of a collection thus far.

Added 5/25/13:

In case you didn’t see these three videos in Germany Tour gallery, including them here as well. Not worthy to Max for sharing them with us!

Staggers Anthem from Cologne:


Glass Waltz from Cologne:


Oh Ah Yay from Cologne:


Donegal TV’s Interview with Denny and Dermot

Essentially the same thing as what Donegal TV put on You Tube, except that they skipped the really short intro (probably because it WAS really short!) at the start of the show with Denny and Dermot standing at the shore. When I edited the show down to just the Plea Parts, I just left the intro in.

The Plea at Barfly

Same video that is in the Barfly gallery, but since it’s an onsite video, finally opted to put it here as well.  :) The original video was uploaded to YouTube by Sarah Miller Not worthy. Two things to note: She said she was having issues with her memory card, it was only letting her shoot about 20 secs at a time, hence why the clips are so short. But she still got nearly 10 minutes of the set, which is more than any one has caught anywhere that I’ve seen so far. And when she uploaded, it wasn’t in wide screen, so video nerd that I am, I did a quick conversion and restored it back to wide screen to include here. Enjoy, I know I have been!

Added 10/24/12 – Denis singing “Jolie Louise” at Renaat’s house in Belgium

This is part of the Amazing Disappearing Video that vanished almost as fast as it appeared last week. Got the okay to post here after editing out the – erm – “naughty bits”, as I called them ;-) , leaving a very nice arrangement of just Denny, his guitar, and the song. And since it was a bit dark, I lightened it up a bit. Again, it looks okay on MY monitor, if it’s too light on everyone else’s, let me know, and I’ll fix and reupload.

And still would like to know how Denny could have possibly remembered that they used this song in the show “Northern Exposure”! I looked it up, it was used ONCE, as a background tune in the bar, in the pilot episode of the show, back in 1990 ! Some people have photographic memories, maybe Denis has a MUSI-graphic memory? LOL. If anyone is interested in checking out THAT clip (with Daniel Lanois’ original version of the song), I found the episode, edited it down to just that scene, and uploaded it to TwitVid HERE . :)

[10/27 edit: Per Denny on FB: "i dont remember singing that,,, a friend of mines heard it on that show years ago,,northern exposure,,,, and he kept playing it when we were drinking,,,,so it stuck in my head,,lovely tune". So there ya have it. :) ]

Added 10/6/12 – A couple of short clips from the Staggers Anthem video shoot:

Still got a little time to go before The Plea’s video for Staggers Anthem is released , but the Powers That Be have shared a couple of short video clips and some photos from Behind The Scenes to hold us over until then, so thought I’d add them here. :) (Can also be found – along with the photos – on the Staggers Anthem video page HERE .)



And also added 10/5/12 – my lightened version of the YouTube clip of Denny and Dermot singing Like A Rolling Stone at Dylan Fest 2009

Added 8/18/12 – More clips from the studio!

Sorry it’s taken a few days to get these put up, but my FaceySpace and TweetyPage timelines have been really jumpin’ the last couple of days. These are the clips Max uploaded to FB 8/15 (a few new photos added to the Belgium gallery as well). The new track sounds awesome! Have a listen!








Added 8/11/12 The Plea is back in the studio!

The Plea is back in the studio in Belgium working on tracks for the new album. And while as much as I’d like to make like Jeff Goldblum and become The Fly ( “help meeeeee!” ) on their wall to see/hear what’s going on there, thanks to Max and Renaat , we’ve got a few clips and photos from the studio that are filling in that gap nicely!





Added 7/4/12:

I horked this video from YouTube after it showed up in my “check for new Plea YT videos” browser tab (not really a Plea video, but the person used “Oh Ah Yay” as the last song, so it showed up in the list), and thought it could use better music. So downloaded it, stripped out the old audio, and edited in what =I= think is a very much new and much improved soundtrack. Let me know if you don’t agree. ;-)

(Original video can be found here:


First up, a clip from The Saturday Night Show from 5/19/12. Fortunately RTE1 does NOT make me jump through hoops to watch THEIR programming, so recording this was easy-peasy. :) Enjoy some more “Oh Ah Yay”!


These next three were not as easy-peasy, BBC videos never are. But definitely doable. I’ve been doing this for the stateside John Barrowman fans for a few years now, and have yet to get a cease and desist letter from anyone, so hopefully these next few BBC2 videos will make some of The Plea’s US fans happy without making anyone else TOO unhappy. :) I think these were from 2010, from a show called “Blas Ceoil” which, if google translate is correct, means something along the lines of “Musical Taste” or “Tastes of Music”?

[7/4 edit: Finally captured the entire show. Was supposed to be an hour, but only a half hour was on the website. Was funny though, in the "Closed Captioning for the Irish Impaired" (ie the English subtitles), they kept referring to Den and Derm as the "O'Doherty"s. Is there a spare "O" floating around in their names that we don't know about?)]

When The Boat Comes Home


Nothin’ But Trouble


Oh Ah Yay


Download Links for the four videos above:

The Saturday Night Show
When The Boat Comes Home
Nothin’ But Trouble
Oh Ah Yay