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Some of The Plea’s Online Widgety Things

This looks like it’ll be the place where I’ll stash any music site widgets as I run across them. Found the ReverbNation one the other day en route to looking up other things, but didn’t really have a place to put it so just stashed it on the blog.

But two widgets, well, that makes at least the start of a page. And the SoundCloud one is rather neat. So a new page it is! Enjoy!

Added 7/11/12: Make it THREE! :D

KMac over on Facebook mentioned there was an Eventful “Demand It” Widget as well. I know I’d heard of Eventful, and apparently somehow ended up on their mailing list, but didn’t know they had a widget. And well, clearly I’m just a sucker for such widgety things, so had to add it here too.

The only problem with the “Demand It” is that it shows the one lone fan – ME apparently – here in Raleigh. Does NOT bode well for a tour stop here, does it? LOL. Does remind me of yesterday’s Scary Gary cartoon though. Poor Travis. *snerk!*

Scary Gary All By Myself

But I digress. ;-) Here be the widget. Demand away!

Planet Function’s Dreamer’s Stadium widget on SoundCloud:


ReverbNation’s widget:

This one isn’t too extensive, but it’s got a song, a few photos, and a few YouTube videos, among other things, so thought it might be worth including it here. :)

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