The Plea – Miller and Miller Photoshoot

Yes, *WooHOO!* I can be taught. FINALLY figured out a way to embed a Flickr photo gallery without having to download and reupload every photo. Wish I’d discovered that trick a few photo galleries ago, but oh well, that’s okay. Live and learn. And the nice folks at Miller and Miller made it even easier by making their gallery sharable, which not everyone does, so Flickr actually supplied the embed code and I just had to customize the size a bit, and *trumpet fanfare* instant slide show gallery of the photos taken of The Plea at The Water Rats bar in London (same photo shoot from when they shot the “Glass Waltz” video, I believe; check that out here). All I had to do then was select and crop a few of the shots for the background images – may want to redo Dermot’s shot, not too fond of the spooky looking smiley face that materialized on the left side of his photo, lol – and it was done.

Lots of really great shots from this photoshoot, I like the ones that were shot through the glass, it picked up some interesting reflections. Check them out.