The Plea is in Another Countdown!

The Plea - Out Like A Light - ShoutedFM CountdownYes indeedy, after giving us a bit of a breather after “Oh Ah Yay” made its exit from the StarFM Countdown, The Plea has another song in an entirely different countdown.

And you guessed it, it needs your votes!

“Out Like A Light” showed up in the German site ShoutedFM‘s countdown a few weeks back as one of their brand new tracks. By the following week it had jumped from being the newbie all the way up to #14. The following week it jumped another 8 places, up to #6.

This week, it has actually dropped 2 places and is now sitting at #8.  Decided immediately that we just couldn’t HAVE that. OLAL is one of my favorite songs off The Plea’s Dreamers Stadium CD, and I’m not letting it go down without a fight.

So PLEAse, jump over to the the ShoutedFM site, find “Out Like A Light” there on their countdown chart, and rate it a “+5″.

If you don’t know what it sounds like, here’s their YouTube video. Have a watch/listen, THEN go give it a vote. :)



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