The Plea – Glass Waltz Video Shoot

The new video for The Plea’s “Glass Waltz” was released this past weekend.

The Plea - Glass Waltz Promo

Once again, it was exclusive to Germany (of course, exclusive to Germany on the internet means it’s still available to be viewed everywhere online, lol), but still hoping for a You Tube release soon. Miss my downloadable HD version. “Staggers Anthem” looked all kinds of amazing full sized on the HD tv set upstairs! ;-)

1/14/13 EDIT: It’s HERE! They uploaded it this morning! Embedded it to the YouTube page tonight.

Meanwhile, I embedded the video from the German site here, and below that, thanks to Fabrizio and Gerry who caught some stills from the video shoot, have a few pics as well. Also added a few screen caps from the video that I was going to use as backgrounds for the page, but they were too small to look good blown up to full screen (another reason I need that HD YT video!) But didn’t want to waste them, so now they’re just on the page instead of behind it. :)

Here’s the “English As A Second Language” Google translation of the description of video from the German site:

The 2nd Video / music by The Plea from Ireland … From her new album ‘The Dreamers’ stage, at the 22nd February will be released in Germany! For the great hymns of The Plea few explanations. Whether at home in Ireland by the release of their debut album “The Dreamers Stadium” in June, or the world through YouTube, their songs inspire the masses. “Q” on “Metro”, BBC Online up to the Daily Star – the band gets rave reviews everywhere. The known presenters Bob Harris and Graham Norton are committed to it on Radio 2, in her native Ireland, she already captivated the audience great television shows. The rest of Europe are already an integral part of The Plea Radio Channels. Concert-goers they have already come to love, whether at headline shows in larger and larger halls or as support for Snow Patrol, more than 20,000 people in Germany.



Fabrizio and Gerry’s Pics:


A couple of reviews about the video and the song (click for larger versions):

More reviews (mostly clones of the first one) on the Bits and Bobs page.

20130114_banterbanterzine_the-plea_glass-waltz 20130114_reflections-of-darkness_the-plea_glass-waltz


Some screencaps from the video: