The Plea – F/K/A Jacob’s Plea

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Recently discovered a great new band The Plea, that I’ve been essentially playing non stop since I bought and downloaded their new CD The Dreamers Stadium on the day of its release back in mid-May.

This is primarily going to be a place to stash videos and audios and photos (oh MY!) as I run across them, so if you want to go right to those and skip past the boring “blah blah blah”, well, head on over there! I won’t be offended.  ;-)

It’s all Graham Norton’s fault! Recorded a couple of his radio shows to listen to during the 5 hours on the road to/from the fiance’s house down near Charlotte back in April, and found myself not minding being stuck in a traffic jam when an accident closed 2 of 3 lanes on my way home, due to rocking out to THIS particular part of the radio show at the time. (Yes, you’re supposed to click the play button below, it’ll help set the mood. ;-) )

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

By the time I got home that night, I knew there was a band on Graham Norton’s show that I’d wanted to look up after I got home, for the life of me couldn’t remember the name of the band. And didn’t get a chance to look it up until the following weekend. Eventually googled my way back to the radio show’s web page on the BBC site, found the showgram with Danny DeVito and Cillian Murphy on it, and scanned down the list of songs played during the show, and The Plea just jumped right out at me.

The Plea at Amazon

So the next thing I do is head over to Quickly discover I have to weed through a bunch of stuff by a band called “A Plea for Purging” before I finally find the CD with “Oh Ah Yay” on it. But once again, and I’ve experienced this before while comparison shopping for John Barrowman CDs, that because considers the CD an “import”, they jack up the price on it, and are looking to charge me nearly $29 to buy The Dreamers Stadium, the new CD.

Been there, done that before. So open a new tab on my browser and immediately head over to AmazonUK instead, where, should I choose to buy the CD from THEM, it’ll cost me, and this is including shipping, all of $15.84. See what I mean about jacking up the prices on “imports”?

Alas, still can’t buy it yet, release date isn’t until May 14. So start counting down the days until I can actually order it. And that’s fine, it gives me time to decide whether I want the hard copy CD from AmazonUK, which will take a while to get here, OR if I want that “instant gratification” of downloading the MP3 album from

End up doing both. I go for the instant gratification of the mp3 download, but find myself wanting liner notes and lyrics, since after listening to the album for a few months, I STILL had some “What the hell is Denny singing here?” moments. So went ahead and ordered the CD from AmazonUK. Was figuring when I saw what the lyrics actually were in a few places I’d LOL, thinking “Boy, did =I= mis-hear that!” But more on the lyrics on, well, the Dreamers Stadium Lyrics page.

To be continued…