The Plea back on An Lár TV

AnLarTVlogoAlthough I haven’t checked back to An Lár recently, so don’t know if The Plea was ever actually OFF their playlist. :)

But in any case, according to their Facebook post, The Plea is one of An Lár TV’s featured bands this week, so I hopped over to their website to see which songs were being featured this time.

Essentially the same three songs as last time, depending on the time slot: “Oh Ah Yay”, “Praise Be”, & “I Am The Miracle”. And wouldn’t you know, by the time I thought to check, I’d just missed “I Am The Miracle” in the “Rock the Night Away” timeslot. Oh well.

The Plea - Praise Be - An Lar TVThe Plea - I Am The Miracle - An Lar TV The Plea - Oh Ah Yay - An Lar TV

And just what IS An Lár TV? Irish Community Television. I first picked up on it when one of my usual google searches for the Latest and Greatest on The Plea pulled up their website as playing some of their videos. While I was there, saw that in addition to being able to play them online, they were also available as a channel on my Roku streaming video box (that which I usually just use for streaming Netflix videos and the occasional Amazon Prime movies).  Naturally, thrilled with the prospect of being able to pull up full size Plea videos on the HD TV upstairs, I immediately went upstairs to set it up, only to find that for some reason, even after an hour of chatting with Roku tech support, I couldn’t get that channel to come up. (insert Grumpy Cat face here)

Flash forward a few months, where just by happenstance, after streaming something else through the Roku, I just randomly try to pick up An Lár TV again. Lo and behold, out of the blue, it works. And what great timing, only had it running for about 30 seconds when suddenly, there is “Praise Be” in full screen HD glory. Praise be, INDEED! Looked and sounded mighty fine blasting out of the full size tv in our entertainment unit. Especially after only seeing Plea videos via YouTube on my PC. :D

An Lar TV - Praise Be - The Plea

So if you get a chance to check out An Lár TV online, or stream it via whatever streaming service you can find it, give it a look. :)

PS: The Plea and “Out Like a Light” are STILL in the top three songs of the ShoutedFM countdown. Thanks to all your votes last week, the song was stopped from any further droppage and along with the other two songs in the top three, are in the exact same place as last week. So PLEASE keep voting via as many networks as it will let you vote. Last week I wrangled up two PC votes, a 3G vote, and a 4G vote before I ran out of voting options that didn’t gripe at me for trying to vote more than once. :) So PLEAse, Vote Early, Vote (as) Often (as it will let you).


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