The Plea Back in the ShoutedFM Top Ten

The Plea Countdown Meme Out Like A Light ShoutedFmAfter getting tied up with other things last weekend and not having time to remind folks about voting for The Plea and Out Like A Light over at ShoutedFM, then helplessly watch as it dropped three places and fall out of the Top Ten and end up at number 12 last week, THIS week I followed the suggestion of my little friend there on the left, and posted reminders (well, it was more like out and out groveling, but I’m truly NOT above a good grovel to keep that song in the countdown as long as possible. :) ) to all of my social media accounts. All? *heh* I have all of three. But I gave it my best shot, posting to Facebook and Twitter and LiveJournal, oh MY!

Oh Ah Yay! Grovel successful! The song jumped up 4 places this weekend, back into the Top Ten, and ended up back at number 8!

So naturally, had to follow up the three reminder posts from yesterday with ThankYouThankYou posts tonight, to Facebook and Twitter, and finishing up with the cross-post below over at LiveJournal.

The Plea, Out Like A Light, ShoutedFM, Countdown, Vote, Thank You

The Plea still needs your votes!

Out Like A Light has been in the ShoutedFM countdown for 16 weeks now. I think it’s got more life in it yet, but only if y’all keep voting for it. And again, just a few more weeks, and it’ll pass Glass Waltz for number of weeks in a countdown.

Please give the song a listen here:

Then PLEAse vote for it here:

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