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Updated February 24, 2013 5:06:32 PM

Cannot believe I didn’t think to post about this before now, and it’s probably all but too late now, but will give it a go.

The Plea currently has their song “Glass Waltz” in a neck and neck tie with Press to Meco for first place at the Amazing Radio Audition Poll, tied with 33% of the votes each. They’ve been see-sawing back and forth between first and second place for two days now. Not sure when the contest ends, but The Plea would really appreciate your votes if you can take a few seconds to vote for them.

This is down to you guys so if you havent voted please do and if you have share it around. This will give us national airplay and we really appreciate it!
Just vote on the link below. Cheers!
The Plea

Here’s a link to the song as it was played on Amazing Radio this week that I uploaded to ViaMe. Have a listen to it, and then PLEAse vote at the link below. It’s so CLOSE now!

Then vote here!

[EDIT: Sunday PM: Well, gave it the old college try, but it looks like Meco pulled back ahead at the very end and won the week, 39% to 38%. Good effort though, thanks to everyone who voted and put up with my spamming every site I could think of to wrangle up some votes!Cool We were SO close to getting The Plea into the playlist rotation!]

[EDIT: Monday AM: Before Amazing Radio changed the page in favor of the new poll for this week, Karen up in Canadaland pulled off what appears to be the final tally, and folks, it looks like the end result of all our hard work this weekend is a 39%-39% TIE! WooHoo! :D (see screencap below). When they finally post the official results on the website, I'll include that here as well. Sweet! A tie! Kudos to the Meco fans for putting up a good fight, and thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, y'all are amazing. No pun intended. ;-)  ]



EDIT Wednesday, Feb. 20th – The Amazing Radio Audition page was FINALLY updated today. Apparently last week’s battle between The Plea and Meco did NOT actually end in a tie. “In one of the most closely-contested weeks in the Audition poll’s history, [Affinity] received the highest portion of public votes and will go straight onto the station’s main playlist.” Yell Harumph! Oh well, good effort to everyone who voted. In a lot of cases, repeatedly. Link to winner page HERE.

As a sidenote, in an interesting, but most perplexing, playlist twist, while The Plea came THISCLOSE to winning in the votes, but did not end up anywhere on the playlist, Wanderlust by Cloudboat (Renaat’s other artist in the poll) actually ended up on the “Specialist” playlist. Yay THEM! :) But still a wee bit befuddled at how they select new additions to the playlist if not by actual votes. *scratches head perplexed*.

An Epilogue to the Epilogue:

I sent a couple of tweets over to Amazing Radio, to try an fill in some of the questions, namely:

  • How did Meca win, if the final score showed a 39%-39% tie, with The Plea sitting on TOP no less? “When the percentages are tied, we have to count the individual votes (up to midnight on Sunday) to see who the outright winner is.”
  • How did a low scoring band like, well, ANYONE other than Meco and The Plea, end up with their own spot in the playlist? “The Audition show doesn’t determine all the new playlist additions though. It’s not all up to me!” 
  • What WAS the final vote tally between Meco and The Plea? Press To Meco: 1284; The Plea: 1258.

So missed it by only 26 votes. Really really close vote. Brilliant effort by all who voted for The Plea. Cool

If anyone is still in a voting mood, The Plea could use your votes in the Berlin StarFM Top 30 Countdown. See my blog post about it HERE.

2 comments on “The Plea – Amazing Radio Audition Poll

  1. Hi, a band on my label is currently top with 32%….do you know how many votes you got in total?

    I think another answer to your question about why did another lower-scoring band make playlist might be that they hired a plugger. They are not that expensive.


    • “What WAS the final vote tally between Meco and The Plea? Press To Meco: 1284; The Plea: 1258.”

      So it was REALLY close! :)

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