The Plea Albums

Newly Updated: 13th September'13 at 12:06am

The Dreamers Stadium (2012)

“We gave [Storm Thorgerson] the demos from “Dreamers Stadium”, and as he was listening to them, he would just sketch anything that came into his mind…The cover’s from the song on it – “Out Like A Light” – … just crazy imagery, the minute I’d seen it I thought it HAS to be the cover.” - Denis Doherty


  • Staggers Anthem
  • The Odyssey
  • Praise Be 

  • Feel It Ticking
  • I Am The Miracle
  • Windchime
  • Oh Ah Yay
  • Send It Out
  • Glass Waltz
  • Out Like A Light 

  • Too Young To Die
  • When The Boat Comes Home (Bonus Track)

( Dreamers Stadium Lyrics HERE )



Nothin’ But Trouble EP (2010)


  • Nothin’ But Trouble
  • Beatnik Street
  • Forever Gone
  • Hello


Modern Chaos (2009) (Unreleased)


  • Hello
  • Nothin’ But Trouble
  • Wind-Chime
  • Forever Gone
  • Burn It Brightly
  • It’s This Mess 

  • Beatnik Street
  • Dead End
  • I Can See It 
  • Sober Sue (And The Barfly’s Tale)


Coronary Hills (2 track single)


  • Coronary Hills 
  • Strange (Live)


As “Jacob’s Plea”: The Haunted (1999)


  • Fields of Today
  • Dry Man in The Rain

  • Beginning To End

  • Travelling Lady
  • The Haunted
  • Shoot The Line