The latest on the StarFM Countdown

StarFM Countdown The Plea Oh Ah YayWell, it’s official. “Glass Waltz” has definitely been given the boot off the countdown as of this week. Boo hoo. But before anyone gets too sad about it, keep in mind that GW has been in their Top 30 Countdown since the week of February 23. That’s, what, something like EIGHTEEN weeks? AND it got to number 1 before starting its decent back down to 25, where it held on for several weeks, being joined by newcomer to the countdown “Oh Ah Yay” last week.

All in all, not too shabby, if you ask me. Vielen Dank! to all the parties involved who voted and Voted and VOTED to keep it in the StarFM charts for so long. A mighty “Oh Ah Yay” to us all! Woot!

It’s not over yet, though. As I previously mentioned, Oh Ah Yay was added to the countdown two weeks ago as a new song, landed at number 30 last week, and moved up one spot to number 29 this week.

vevo2So The Plea still needs your votes! Let’s see how long we can keep Oh Ah Yay in the StarFM countdown this time. So, as always, Vote Early, and Vote Often! Here be the linkie, if you don’t have it saved into all of your browsers and phones and kindles and iThings and such already: If you don’t know the song, well, just where have you been!?! :) Give it a listen (the live version when they played it in the RTE1 Studio during their radio tour) HERE. Or one of any other of 14 different versions of the song done HERE. ;-)

Voting IS open for next week, so what are y’all waiting for. Go GO GO!!



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    • I typed that with a southern accent. LOL. Ever seen “Maximum Overdrive”? There’s a character in there that says with a real twangy accent “Curtis, just WHERE have you BEEN?” It kind of stuck. :D

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