Some Spotify Playlists from The Plea


Once again, because things have this tendency to get lost in the Facebook archive, I decided to save some of the Plea’s various and sundry Spotify playlists that they’ve recently shared on Facebook, before they fall so far down their page that they’re never seen or heard from again.

I think there have only been three posted so far, so will include those, then add any new ones as they come up. I’ve got them set to show the associated album cover art initially, but just mouse over the upper right corner of the player and click the green button that appears to show the actual playlist.

My apologies to the fans in Canadaland (sorry, Karen, heard that via another fandom, and it kind of stuck ;-) ), who apparently STILL do not have access to Spotify as of yet. *sings* “Somehow… someday… somewhere…”


Dermot’s Bonfire Night Playlist – November 5, 2012

The Plea's Halloween Playlist - October 31, 2012

Handsome Dave's Playlist - October 22, 2012