Small Midmonth Site Update

Staggers Anthem BlogFiance and I have things going on every weekend in November, plus the first weekend in December, so trying to squeeze in small site updates that don’t take TOO much thinking (usually do them late at night, when my brain has mostly gone to sleep already, lol) when I can during the week, since when he’s at my house or I’m at his on the weekend, I’m not at the computer all that much.

A new page, some minor homepage changes, and a few new reviews

So as not to let the Plea’s Spotify playlists on Facebook disappear into the bottomless void where all the old posts tend to get jumbled up, I saved them on their own Spotify page here. Just three playlists so far, but will add more as they add more so they don’t get lost.

And to celebrate the release of the Staggers Anthem single earlier this week, changed the home page wallpapers to some new screencaps from the video, and swapped out the Audio Capture Featured Block in favor of highlighting the Staggers Anthem page for a while. And added a few more lyric excerpts to the rotating lyric banner at the top of the page.

Plus added whatever reviews I’ve found so far for the month of November to the Bits & Bobs page.

And that’s all she wrote for the week. Have more things to do, just not enough time to do them yet. :)


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