Slightly Later August Website Update

Dermot BelgiumThe Plea is keeping me busy, with all their behind the scenes studio videos and photos, so have another few updates on the site:

Got a few days behind, but finally got the latest batch of clips and photos from Max uploaded and in their rightful spots on the website. Plus finally gathered enough other concert photos to warrant their own photo gallery, so added a new one for the miscellaneous concert photos that I found while looking for other things online.  And for those who didn’t hear when “Oh Ah Yay” got played on Radio Benelux earlier this week, I did record it. Essentially just “Oh Ah Yay” again (not that that’s a BAD thing, lol!), but really only notable for the dj dropping the f-bomb after they got done playing the song. LOL It was the only part of what was being said at the time that was in English, so it sort of stood right out. Am assuming that it was NOT making a reference to The Plea, though. ;-) Anyway, added the mp3 of the intro, the song, and the outro on the usual Audio Captures page.

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