Pop Quiz for Den and Derm! :)

As some of y’all might have picked up on by now, I’m a big fan of the game show “Jeopardy”, I usually watch and play along nearly every weekday evening. And every once in a while, they come up with a category that crosses over into some of my other favorite things.

And well, given the category tonight, this one certainly qualified to be considered a crossover into Plea territory, given their early history of playing Bob Dylan songs back in Moville.

The Category:

Dylan Songs In Other Words - Category

The Answers:

Here are all the answers, see if you can come up with the questions to match. If you get stuck and need to cheat, the answers and questions for the entire category are in the video below. It was nice of them to run the entire category of all the answers one right after the other, I didn’t have to edit the video down at all. :)

$200 Answer

Dylan Songs In Other Words - $200

$400 Answer

(no missing this one! if you do, go back to the Moville page and play the video there. :D )

Dylan Songs In Other Words - $400

$600 Answer

Dylan Songs In Other Words - $600

$800 Answer

Dylan Songs In Other Words - $800

$1000 Answer

Dylan Songs In Other Words - $1000

The questions:

So how’d you do? Pretty easy, no? But as promised, for anyone who gets stuck, or just wants to see the contestants run the category, here’s the video clip of the category from the show tonight. Be warned, here there be spoilers, lol.




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