PLEAse Keep Voting for Out Like A Light at ShoutedFM!

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Latest voting results for Out Like A Light over on ShoutedFM: It jumped from 57 points up to 86 this week, and still holding strong with a 20 point lead at #2.

What I would like to know is who the hell is “MONO.” and how did their song “Bunga Bunga” manage to LEAP into the chart in their very first week with 350 points? Is it THAT good, or did their fans figure out how to hack the site and vote multiple times? (And if they did, WE need to learn how to do that too! Wink )

On the bright side, OLAL is still 20 points ahead of the song in the number 3 spot, so if y’all keep voting, it should at least stay there this week. And if y’all want it to BEAT “Bunga Bunga”, it only needs 53 MORE new people to rate it a +5 this week. We can do that, right? The site seems fussy over how many times you can vote, but it would appear that if you have access to multiple networks (ie 3G, 4G, WiFi), since they’re all different networks, you can vote once on each one of them.

So go to it people, please vote Vote VOTE! KTHXBAI! ♫♪♥

Watch and listen to it here if you’ve not heard it before. Great song, probably one of my favorites on Dreamers Stadium.

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