PLEAse! Keep The Plea and Out Like A Light in the ShoutedFM Countdown!

The Plea Out Like A Light

See if =I= ever leave town for the weekend again. Left for just a couple of days last weekend to visit with the inlaws-to-be up north, and what happens? I completely get screwed out of a great view of a sunrise solar eclipse over the ocean that I’ve been looking forward to since January,,, pick up a lovely bug on the plane between RDU and Boston,,, AND find that The Plea and “Out Like a Light” have actually dropped out of the Top Ten over at the ShoutedFM countdown. (“But other than THAT, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?” :D )

Well, can’t do much about missing the eclipse, except look forward to the next one that I can see from here (October 23, 2014, I’ve already looked it up.Cool <– note: wearing proper Eclipse Shades, lol).

And not much can be done about catching that bug from some generous soul on the plane who decided that, indeed, “sharing is caring”, except just try to NOT cough up a lung before I get better.

I CAN, however, still try and fix the little issue of OLAL dropping out of the Top Ten at ShoutedFM.

ThePlea_ShoutedFM_Out Like A Light

The last time I begged, OLAL actually jumped up one spot in the rankings, and if it does that again THIS time, it’ll put it back into the Top Ten this week. So please Please PLEASE! If for no other reason than to take pity on the sick (*cough cough hack hack* that would be ME, folks!) , “P-p-p-p-p-PLEASE, Eddie!” Hop over to ShoutedFM (<— yes, that’s the link right there), find “Out Like a Light” at Number 11, and give that little +5 button over there on the right hand side a wee *click*.

And if after all this time you still don’t know what the song sounds like, I conveniently included the YouTube video for it here. Give it a watch/listen, and if you do, I’m thinkin’ you won’t be just voting for it to make the resident sickie (*cough cough hack hack* me again, folks! LOL) stop whining about it.


The Plea and “Out Like A Light” have been in the ShoutedFM countdown since August; trying my best to keep them in the countdown at least a LITTLE bit longer. *sings* “Oh won’t you sta-a-aaay, just a little bit longer…Oh let me hear you say you will…”


One comment on “PLEAse! Keep The Plea and Out Like A Light in the ShoutedFM Countdown!

  1. 11/10/13 EDIT by ADMIN: Thanks to all the extra votes this week, OLAL jumped not one but TWO places, so not only got back into the Top Ten, jumped an extra place to put it back at #9! Big thanks to everyone who voted! You’re like the United Way: “We don’t know you but we love you!” :)

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