Now Vote for The Plea in Star FM Berlin’s Top 30 Countdown!


OH AH YES! :D After last week’s voting, The Plea DID in fact get bumped higher in the countdown this past Saturday, moving from #23 up to #20! Way to keep them moving up the charts, y’all!

Of course, you know what THAT means: You need to vote AGAIN this week! As many times as your PCs and laptops and smartphones and Kindles and iThings will let you vote, via as many browsers as possible!

Let’s help The Plea break out of the “twenties” and into the “teens” (or beyond!) in this Saturday’s countdown!

Amazing Radio Audition Poll? Put a Fork in it, it’s DONE! Fans of The Plea have some other voting to do now!

Vote for The Plea in Star FM Berlin's Top 30 Countdown!Two weeks ago, the same week as Amazing Radio, The Plea and Glass Waltz were listed as one of 5 Newcomers to vote for to try and get into StarFM Berlin’s Top 30 Countdown. And after a week of fan voting, they did, coming in at #25 that week.

But were the fans done yet? Nope! Got to vote again this past week, to try to A) Keep them in the charts and B) Move them UP the charts. End result as it aired this AM? Not only kept them in the Top 30, but moved them up 2 spots to number 23 for the week. Booyah! Way to go, voters.

Are we done yet? HELL no, lol! Cool Surely we can get them higher on the charts than #23, yes?

Then head over to StarFM Top 30 Countdown and VOTE! Again, you don’t have to register, you just click the link, find The Plea at #23, click to select them, then click the big red   Jetzt abstimmen!   button. Easy Peasy! (And it was already determined that pressing that button is completely safe even if you don’t know exactly what it says; no bombs went off, no wars were started, so go for it, select The Plea – Glass Waltz, and press that voting button! You know you want to!)

Don’t know the song? Easy three step process to remedy that:

  1. Click this link to hear the song:
  2. Take two seconds to realize how good it is.
  3. Go to StarFM Top 30 Countdown to vote!

Then check the page frequently. You can vote multiple times from multiple browsers (ie this morning when I saw they’d updated the page for the new week, I voted from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome from my PC, and Firefox, Opera, Skyfire, and the default Android browser on my phone.) So remember, you can vote multiple times in multiple ways. Then remember to tune in Saturday morning (it’s *groan* 7:45AM here) to see how The Plea and Glass Waltz did!

  Vielen Dank!  

Big Boss

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