Nothin’ But Oh Ah Yay

NothinButBanner_croppedI’ve managed to accumulate quite a few versions of the song “Oh Ah Yay” since I first heard it in April of 2012. I’d jokingly said in a post online this week that there were just about enough versions of “Oh Ah Yay” around now that you could make an entire album of nothing but that.

And so the pseudo-album “Nothin’ But Oh Ah Yay” was born. :D

Some of these are the standard single version of the song, but still worthy of a mention, IMHO, due to the DJ comments either before or afterwards. Others are various and sundry variations of the song, either taken from videos, or from live studio versions of the song recorded during various radio promos, etc.

Oh Ah Yeah, it’s a little silly, but the idea of an entire album of “Nothin’ But Oh Ah Yay” made me laugh (shades of my “Nothin’ But Trouble” Trouble post from a few months back), so I thought Why Not? :D And anyone who knows me, knows I like to parody things (check out my U2 album parody “Moo2 – Got MLK?“), so I just had to do it. :)

So, kick off your shoes, grab a Guinness, sit back, and listen to the greatness that is “Oh Ah Yay”… 14 times in a row!