My “Nothin’ But Trouble” Trouble ;-)

My “Nothin’ But Trouble” Trouble ;-)

The Plea's Nothin' But Trouble EP Cover

Reminder to self:

“When you burn your next mp3 Plea cd for the car, please give just a little more thought to what you include on it.” *facepalm*

When I reburned my car CD last week to get rid of the skip in the middle of “Praise Be” that was on my last mp3 disc, I just dragged my whole Plea directory onto the disc. Which I’d forgotten, includes my folder of mp3s I pulled from the various versions of the videos on YouTube (the ones from my “Audio Captures” page).

My car stereo likes to play mp3s in alphabetical order.

So this was how my morning commute was that day, from a musical standpoint:

Nothin’ But Trouble – 11th Hour (thinks “cool, sounds a bit different than the EP.”)
Nothin’ But Trouble – BalconyTV (thinks “well, okay, we’ll do it one more time.”)
Nothin’ But Trouble – BBC2 (thinks “What the… Again? Next!” *gently taps skip button*)
Nothin’ But Trouble – Live RTE (thinks “Seriously? No freakin’ way!” *mashes the skip button*)
Nothin’ But Trouble – MySpace (shrieks “Nooooo!” *attempts to knock the skip button into next week, and…*)

Ahhh…Never been so happy to hear “Oh Ah Yay” in my LIFE! :D Nothin’ against “Nothin’”, mind you, just not FIVE times in a row like that! LOL.

But hey, at least “Praise Be” doesn’t skip now. LOL

(EDIT: And what is playing in my tunes rotation at my desk as I type this? “Nothin’ But Trouble” off the EP! I can’t escape it! LOL! )

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