Mid-August Site Update

Denny The Chick Magnet ;-)Gee, last time I posted an update, it was Ozzy that was sick, now it’s MY turn. Got to a good pausing point on the site after the weekend, so will post the “new and improved” links and then go crash upstairs for a while.

First up, thanks to Renaat and Max for shooting those clips and photos from the studio in Belgium. Added the videos to the Onsite Video page, and the photos to their own Gallery. Posted the links to them over on Live Journal, and have actually had a few more US visitors since I did it, so hopefully some new fans will be gained in the process. :)

Plus the big project – still a work in progress but 2/3′rds done – I started archiving all the articles and reviews from over on Facebook, and organizing them by year on the new page here.

And a couple of minor changes, changed the “Praise Be” rotating background graphics behind the Onsite Videos page, and tinkered with a few sidebar widgets (adding The Plea Spotify widget player and changed up the “A New Site” announcement a little.)

Okay, going to veg upstairs now. I swear, between my mom and I, it sounds like “28 Days Later” here. But no worries, the site has been sanitized for your protection. :D



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