Metropolis Studios London

Usual Disclaimer: Wasn’t there, none of these mine, so please let me know if you’d like them removed. If not, thank you for letting me use them!

From The Plea’s Facebook Page:

“Roll up roll up ladies and gents…we’re offering two fans a chance to attend a special ‘Live to Vinyl’ Recording with The Plea at the legendary Metropolis Studios in London this Saturday 9th Feb from 5pm to 10pm! All guests will walk away with a Ltd. Edition 12” vinyl of the session.”

The Videos:

A bit of Windchime:

A smidge of Staggers Anthem, going right to vinyl:

The Promo Video:

Renaat Rockin’ Out on the Drums (while Sabine rocks out with the camera ;-) ):

The Photos:

Just a few pics and vids I’ve absconded with from that session…