Happy Two Year Anniversary, The Plea! :)

The Plea - The Dreamers StadiumHard to believe that it was 2 years ago to the day today that I heard The Plea’s “Dreamers Stadium” for the very first time. Was too impatient to wait for a CD to be shipped from the UK (Amazon US had it, but because it was an “import” they charged a small fortune for it; it cost much less to have it shipped from the UK, even having to pay for “across the pond”  postage.

So impatient soul that I am, I DID opt to buy and download the album from AmazonUS as mp3 tracks, which also allowed me to get the extra bonus track that the CD didn’t have. So had the album the day it was released, and had it burned to my mp3 car CD to give it’s first playback in the car the next day. Which was indeed, 2 years ago today.

And I Just.Can’t.Stop.Listening.

Yes, I’ve taken a few breaks here and there, like to listen to U2 when they released their fanclub CDs. And to Third Day when their new CD came out and they made a tour stop in Greensboro. And to Sister Hazel after I got caught back up on all of THEIR CDs when I found out they were playing the NC State Fair last October. So I DO listen to other bands.

But when I listen to someone other than The Plea, it always feels like I’m cheating on them, lol. So keep coming back.

Listen most frequently via my mp3 player during the 20 minute commute to and from work each day (I’ve got them on a looped playlist at the office as well, but only hear that sporadically given the equipment I’ve got running behind my desk and how many times I’m actually not AT my desk.)

I can hear it now… “They’ve not been around THAT long, surely you’re not still playing just Dreamers Stadium after all this time, are you?”

Very much eagerly awaiting the new CD whenever it gets released (waiting patiently though, can’t rush perfection. ;-) ), but in the meantime, one has to make do and add tunes from wherever possible. And in two years, I’ve managed to accumulate quite a collection from a variety of sources. (After getting stuck in the Raleigh snowstorm a few months back, where it took me nearly 5 hours to drive all of 12 miles, discovered that – after being in the car that long and NEVER repeating a track in the Plea folder on the MP3 player – that I apparently have at least 5 hours of Plea material in that folder!)

The CDs

As I said above, started out with the album on MP3s. Five days later, having just heard that there was also an EP out, Nothin’ But Trouble, I did the same thing with that, bought and downloaded the mp3s from Amazon. Then ended up ThePlea_TheHaunted_01buying both of them a second time in CD format from AmazonUK a month later (really wanted the liner notes and lyrics, which Dreamers Stadium had, but alas, Nothin’ But Trouble did not). Then got wind of the fact that there were other Plea CDs out there to be found, if one looked long and hard enough. And amazingly enough, not long after that, while I was googling for Plea info online, ran across the Modern Chaos CD (the parent CD for the Nothin’ But Trouble EP)  on ebay. Mine. Sometime later, found the Coronary Hills two track single over at AmazonUK. Ummmm…mine now too. Then heard about a REALLY early one, while they were still called “Jacob’s Plea” called The Haunted. I emailed EVERY online CD seller I could think of, lost track of how many different sites I dropped notes to (copy/paste became my best friend yet again), to no avail, until I did a favor for a friend of a friend and was rewarded with a copy of the CD. One of my favorite Plea songs ever – “Beginning to End” – is on that one.

So with that, so far as I know, other than that Recorded Live to Vinyl album that was done at Metropolis Studios (which I really WOULD love to get my hands on if anyone who has a copy is willing to part with it!), I think that covers all of The Plea CDs that are out there. I selected one or two favorite tracks from each one and put them on the album page to listen to.

(I did make one additional Plea acquisition earlier this year. I also broke down and ordered the Dreamers Stadium on vinyl from AmazonUK as well. Figured I might as well have the complete set (it’s not out there in cassette or 8 track is it? ;-) ). Alas, have yet to actually HEAR how good it sounds on vinyl, since when I tried to play it back on my 30+ year old turntable (which worked just fine the last time I used it), something, somewhere went terribly horribly wrong. I’m not sure but I think my turntable has “vinyl-ly” bit the dust. Take a look/listen. It ALMOST sounds normal when I play it back at 45rpm, but Denny sounds a bit like whale song when I tried to play it back at the proper 33 1/3. :D )


Well, enough about THAT disaster. Since vinyl seems to be having a resurgence, will likely have to invest in another turntable at some point. But hate to just pitch the rest of the unit, the tuner and tape decks that are built into it still work just fine.

Various and Sundries

NothinBut_125In addition to the CDs above, my current car playlist includes an assortment of various and sundry things exported and saved from various sources: radio interviews and songs, YouTube audio, podcasts, soundcloud, etc. You’ll see there are definitely duplicated songs, like the umpteen different versions of “Oh Ah Yay” which resulted in my pseudo-album “Nothin’ But Oh Ah Yay”. And many different versions of “Nothin’ But Trouble”, which got their own blogpost here. Needless to say, I don’t play them all back all the time, always make good use of the remote that I leave sitting in the cup holder in my center console, and skip around to whichever version I feel like hearing during that particular commute.

The most recent acquisition is “This Christmas”, which was The Plea’s free holiday studio track that they made available in December,  just in time for, well, Christmas. I think it’s a great tune and refuse to let it gather dust with the rest of my holiday tunes, and keep it in regular rotation on the MP3 player. Haven’t gotten it yet? It’s still available, you can get it here!

But here’s the tracklist of tunes and interviews and podcasts (oh MY!) that currently reside in my Various and Sundries folder on the SD card that holds all my tunes.

  • WDRMusikclub_edit.mp3
  • WDRMusikclub_full.mp3
  • BBCRadioUlster_AlanSimpson_InterviewOnly.mp3
  • BBCRadioUlster_AlanSimpson_OhAhYay_Studio.mp3
  • OceanFM_Iview_Only.mp3
  • OceanFM_Just_OhAhYay.mp3
  • 4FM_InterviewOnly.mp3
  • 4FM_OhAhYay_Only.mp3
  • 4FM_WorldAway_Only.mp3
  • 98FM_Bieber.mp3
  • 98FM_InterviewOnly.mp3
  • RadioNova100_MartyMiller.mp3
  • PhantomFM_InterviewOnly.mp3
  • PhantomFM_OhAhYayOnly.mp3
  • Windchime_RenaatPodcastRemix.mp3
  • RTE1_PatKenny_Glass WaltzOnly.mp3
  • RTE1_PatKenny_InterviewOnly.mp3
  • RTE1_PatKenny_OhAhYayOnly.mp3
  • Death in vegas-Scorpio Rising.mp3 (Whoops! How did that one get in there? Cool song though!)
  • Oh Ah Yay Munich.mp3
  • Staggers Anthem Hamburg.mp3
  • The Odyssey Hamburg.mp3
  • Staggers Anthem _ Live @ Lanxess Arena Köln 04.07.mp3
  • Take the world away_DublinCastle.mp3
  • Windchime @ Surya Kings Cross London.mp3
  • Culture_Cafe_on_RTE_2XM_Podcast_43_Dermot Interview.mp3
  • Culture_Cafe_on_RTE_2XM_Podcast_45_Oh Ah Yay.mp3
  • Feel It Ticking_LondonGigGuide.mp3
  • OhAhYay_Munich June 2013mp3.mp3
  • OhAhYay_Radio_Benelux_08142012.mp3
  • TheSaturdayNightShow_OhAhYay_051912.mp3
  • NothingButTrouble_11thHour2010.mp3
  • 060612_flirtfm1013_interview_only.mp3
  • GrahamNorton_OhAhYay.mp3
  • JolieLouise.mp3
  • NothinButTrouble_BalconyTV.mp3
  • NothinButTrouble_BBC2.mp3
  • NothinButTrouble_LiveRTESession.mp3
  • NothinButTrouble_PreviouslyOnMySpace.mp3
  • Nova_Radio100_The-Rock-Report_OhAhYay_livestudio.mp3
  • OhAhYay_BBC2.mp3
  • OhAhYay_BBC2_BobHarris_121612.mp3
  • OhAhYay_LiveOnRolandSessions.mp3
  • Send It Out on BFBSRadio.mp3
  • SendItOut_Ghent.mp3
  • Staggers Anthem on BFBSRadio.mp3
  • TodayFM_060812_OhAhYay_livestudio.mp3
  • WhenTheBoatComesHome_BBC2.mp3
  • Windchime_LiveRTESession.mp3
  • Too Young To Die Hamburg.mp3
  • WaitinForTheHealing_JimKroft and Denny Munich June 2013.mp3
  • This christmas fin mix 2.mp3

Between all the CDs and all the Sundries, I usually just bounce around back and forth in the Plea folder, playing whatever tunes strike my fancy during that drive, and never getting tired of ANY of them.

All the same, can’t WAIT for the new CD to be done. SO ready for some new official tunes.


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