Happy Birfday, Pleas and Qs!

Happy Birfday to “Please and Qs”!
You’re one year old this month!

1358014507Red-brown-Happy_Birthday_Picture(And happy birthday to me too, mine is today, although I’m significantly OLDER than this here Pleas and Qs site. :D )

The site has come a LOOOOONG way since the early days last year when it was just a few stray pages on my other blog about this great new band I discovered, called The Plea.

But given that it’s been a few months since I blogged about the most recent site updates, thought it was time for a new one. With all of The Plea’s recent tour dates through Germany and the UK, and all the resulting videos and photos, I’ve been too busy keeping the site up to date to try to blog about what I’ve been doing to keep the site up to date. :D So let me try and let you know what’s here so you can see if there’s anything new that you missed.

Updates to the site:

New temporary Header image from Out Like a Light, since that’s the new video was recently released in Germany, and one of my favorite Plea songs. Will probably rotate header images on a whim, depending on how the spirit moves me and what the latest single is. But that’s what’s there now.

Links to The Plea’s Twitter, FB, and Soundcloud for easy access to those sites, also right there at the top of the page.

Trying out a new micropost feature (aka: “I Shall Call It… Mini-News“) in the Recent News on the front page that will let me blog about small things that may not warrent an ENTIRE blog post but are still worth mentioning. Still tinkering with the best way to implement it, but think I’ve just about got it worked out. Currently just lists two microposts, but more to come, I’m sure.

YouTube Video Player: Sorry the YouTube video player on the front page (as well as on the YouTube video page itself) has less videos than it used to. After I gathered together all the Plea videos on YouTube that I could find into a nice neat playlist, something like 11 of them went completely AWOL. Some for third party copywrite infringement by the uploader (*tsk tsk*), others were removed by the Powers-That-Be due to being older, and well, still trying to figure out what happened to the remainder, since one of the missing is the new video for “Send It Out”, uploaded by The Plea themselves. So NOT a copywrite issue, and definitely not too old, since it just came out in December. So if you find videos that look like they should be there, but aren’t, that’s why. I’ve saved most of them off of YouTube anyway, so =I= still have them on my hard drive, so may have to go back and upload and host some of the MIAs myself. :)

The Plea Live by Mark Haake

New Photo Galleries! The German fans shot a LOT of photos and videos, especially from the first part of the tour with Jim Kroft. I saved everything that I ran across, and all those clips and photos can be found either all together in the front page Galleries, or sorted by gig on their respective Event page, which can be found in the menu at the top of the page under The Plea Live/Previous Shows. One particular video of note, from the Munich show, has Jim inviting Denny out on stage to sing with him. The entire video is great, but naturally I had to slice and dice it to just have the part with Denny singing, and so included my “Denny Edit” to the page as well.

Speaking of new video, there is a new Jim Kroft video on the Vimeo page; it’s from the tour, so lots of candid shots of The Plea were included, thank you very much, Mr. Kroft. :)

A couple of new pages:

NothinBut_125“Nothin’ But ‘Oh Ah Yay’”: Must have had too much caffeine in me when I put this one together, it’s a bit silly. But after finding myself with 14 different versions of Oh Ah Yay from various and sundry sources, and having the pic of the new Oh-Ah-Yay license plate I got in March, and once I borrowed the “Nothin’ But” text from the Plea’s “Nothin’ But Trouble” CD cover artwork (thank you Photoshop!), AND found a decent freebie mp3 player plug in that would do what I wanted, the page and the Pseudo “Album” “Nothin’ But ‘Oh Ah Yay’” actually came together fairly quickly. :D

“What They’re Saying About The Plea”: Pretty much self explanatory, a place for quotes about the band from various sources. Not a LOT here yet, but I’m steadily adding to it as I find comments in articles, reviews, and interviews about The Plea that I think are worth noting, or that I just plain like. :)

Updates to the Sidebar:

Latest Page Updates: Pretty much what it says, it lists the five most recent page and/or post updates that I’ve done to the site. Kind of like this blog post, without all the blah blah blah. :D It IS quirky in that it only shows page/post updates, but not Gallery or Event updates. But can’t really complain, it’s free. :)

Plea Live Tunes: Same player as was here before, but I’ve replaced the existing tunes with mp3s I pulled from all the full song YouTube videos that have been uploaded, resulting in a nice selection of live audio tracks. Maybe fodder for another Pseudo ‘album’? ;-)

Well that’s about all she wrote for this post. I WAS going to remind everyone to vote for Oh Ah Yay over at StarFM’s Top 30 Countdown, but apparently despite all the folks voting for it this week, it fell off the charts after 3 weeks. Time to send StarFM a new single, guys, maybe Out Like a Light? ;-)

Until next time… TTFN! Tah Tah For NOW!

Ha Ha

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