Happy 2013! Site Update

Since I just did the End of December update, not a LOT of new stuff here yet, but there’s some, and didn’t want to start the year by getting too behind on noting what was new to the site.

The Plea in TwtrlandAudio Captures page – Added Dermot’s 11 minute phone interview with 2XM’s Culture Cafe and Oh Ah Yay from when they played it as well. Both are from May 2012; I just found them after I posted the last update, don’t know where Google has been hiding them for the last 7 months, but at least I found them.

Plea Radio (on any sidebar) – left Oh Ah Yay from Culture Cafe OFF the radio player, since it’s essentially just the song, and well, Oh Ah Yay is there quite a few times already anyway, lol. But DID add Dermot’s interview to the playlist.

Added a new embedded page called The Plea in Twtrland to the “Various and Sundries” tab, just a site that does stats and figures on one’s twitter usage. Geek that I am, I found all the percentages and such rather interesting.

Updated the Bits and Bobs page – archived the 2012 stuff under a new tab, and got the page ready for all the incoming reviews and articles that will be uploaded about The Plea in 2013. Already have our first one, a blog recap from someone who gave the band a mention back in May.

That be it so far! Have a great 2013, y’all!

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