First website update for August

DermotWell, now that my Ozzy is finally back home from the vet after three days and I’m not quite as distracted as I have been,  went on a bit of a late night website binge last night and did a couple of updates:

Finally added a gallery for all of those great Westport Festival photos that I found in various places online after the festival was over.

Added The Plea’s new You Tube Dreamers Stadium Sampler video to, well, you guessed it, the top of the You Tube video page.

Screencapped, cropped, and added some new rotating backgrounds to the Widgets page.

And at LAST, something that’s been niggling at me for nearly a month, with several forum posts to tech support, finally figured out on my own why every time I went in to edit a page, my song lyric subheadings (what puts the rotating lyrics on the home page) would disappear! *does happy dance* Awful to not want to go in and change a page because you know you’ll break something as soon as you start to edit. Apparently it didn’t like the quotation marks I was putting on the line, so I just started putting quotes in a different way and it seems to work. Oh Ah Yay! :D

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