First September Site Update

Denny September ThumbnailThis WAS supposed to be the “End Of August” site update, but whatever bug I picked up last month didn’t want to let go, and just didn’t feel up to it. Four days of antibiotics and a do-nothing holiday weekend later, it’s not gone yet, but definitely feeling much better and up to posting a quick site update.  So what HAVE I done to the site since the last post? Uhh… Oh yeah. :)

Finally figured out how to take a photo album on Flickr and generate a slide show on the website here for it. Very handy, having finally found Miller and Miller’s photo shoot from the “Glass Waltz” video over on Flickr, and since they made it embeddable, went ahead and embedded the entire thing here. Please let me know if I made the slideshow too big; it looks GREAT on my monitor here at the house, but when I pull it up at work, where I’ve got things blown up a bit so I can actually SEE what I’m doing when I’m editing videos, it’s really huge. Do I need to make it smaller?

And also embedded The Plea’s Facebook page on the site as well. Well, as well as the Facebook code will let it work, but it DOES include a “like” button, so anyone who swings by the site can like it from here as well as jump to the actual FB page itself. Tried to do the same thing for the American Fans page, but since it’s a “group” not a “page”, they don’t have a good code for that yet.

And last but not least, the work still in progress, my “Bits and Bobs” ;-) page. Gathering together all of the articles and reviews from all the posts that The Plea has posted on their Facebook page and archiving them all together as jpgs or pngs, sorted by date. Got them tabbed by year, with 2010 and 2011 done, and with 2012 finally having content, but still a ways from being done. Thought I had them all fetched, but then FB says “do you want to see ALL from 2012?” Whaaaa? Thought that WAS all of them. So now still have to go back through and pick up the ones I missed that they didn’t show me the first time. AM adding the ones I DID fetch already little at a time, but haven’t uploaded all of those yet either, stupid sinus infection slowed me down a bit. But there are quite a few there, including part of the recent interview with Renaat, and the new writeup of the War Child benefit.

So check them out!

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