First Post for November

A “Pleas and Qs” ‘October in Review’ post

The Plea - 1st November Blogpost

Busy month here at Plea Central, just look at what all happened here and there during the month of October!

“Staggers Anthem” Video

The band released the Staggers Anthem video earlier this month, and if you haven’t seen it yet, “Curtis, just WHERE have you been!?!” It was released exclusively to a German site first, and then on YouTube the following Monday. I have both videos embedded here on the site, the German video over on the Staggers Anthem page, and the YouTube video on, well, the YouTube video page.

“Jolie Louise” on Soundcloud

Heard The Plea singing Daniel Lanois’ “Jolie Louise” yet? Karen up in Canadaland found it on Soundcloud, and while it’s not technically a capture (although I DID do that too, lol), I went ahead and embedded it on my Audio Captures page. With it’s mix of Denny singing in both English and French, it sounds fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

“Jolie Louise” Video

Speaking of “Jolie Louise”, if you were quick enough to catch it before it disappeared, Renaat shared a video that was taken at his place in Belgium of Denny playing guitar and singing that very song. It included some “naughty bits” as I called them, so it got unshared almost as fast as it showed up. Fortunately, I caught it before it disappeared, and got the okay to put it on the website once I removed the aforementioned naughty bits. So took out everything but Denny singing and playing the song, and, you guessed it, it ended up on the Onsite Videos page.

“Modern Chaos” Acquisition/New “Albums” Page

In other music news, thanks to eBay, I actually managed to wrangle up a copy of The Plea’s “Modern Chaos” CD. A little perturbed, since the listing said in Brand New condition, and it clearly wasn’t. But I figured as long as it played okay, given that up until that point I’d never seen Modern Chaos on ebay before, and haven’t seen it come up since, I was going to take what I could get. But now since I’ve got all three of the band’s CDs, went ahead and started a Plea Albums page on the site, still a work in progress. Currently just has the track lists and artwork scans, plus an eBay search set up to show if any more CD’s show up there. More content to follow.

Bits and Bobs

All the articles and reviews about The Plea, Dreamers Stadium, or Staggers Anthem that I’ve found during October have been uploaded, they can be found under the October – December tab on the Bits and Bobs page. Lots of duplicate word for word reviews after the release of the Staggers Anthem Video, but the more places those show up, the more people will read about it, I suppose. And have several in German, along with their Google translated broken “English As A Second Language” ;-) versions.

Miscellaneous Site Additions

Finally added a new and improved (and hopefully more user friendly) Nav menu on the sidebar so that it doesn’t run half way down the page anymore… added a Facebook “Like” button plug-in, so if you see something on the site that you like, please say so! :) … scanned in the CD artwork this month, so there are some new and improved background graphics added on some of the pages.

Until next time, to borrow from Gary Larson and the Far Side and out and out swiping the cartoon from my ancient U2 page …

Adios, Amoebas!

“Adios, Amoebas!” :D

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