First October Site Update

Newest addition to the site, now that I’ve checked it when I’m more awake this morning than when I was at 1:30 last night and found everything seems to still work okay in the light of day, is the Moville/DylanFest page. I tweaked that 27 second YouTube video of Denny and Dermot that was shot at DylanFest in 2009 and managed to brighten it up quite a bit (also added the original to the YouTube Videos page) . Please take a look and let me know if I’ve gone overkill and it’s TOO bright, or if it still needs to be lighter, or it looks good as is.

Plus there are some photos and some articles that came up while I was googling from that same timeframe that I added below the video. LOVES The Plea. :)

Also added a page for some additional photos of the “Miracle” shoot, from the guys that actually did the laser FX for the shoot. Couldn’t figure out a way to set up the content here, so just embedded their whole page, lightboxed photos and all. That’s on the CMT Events page.

And the standard additional articles and reviews to the Bits and Bobs page. I’ve SAVED a bunch of them, but still don’t have them organized and uploaded, but there are a few new additions to the archive.

But yeah, the main new addition is that DylanFest video. Couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen that anywhere before now.


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