First December Site Update

The Plea - Charleston ElvesAfter making it through a most fun “Doug-vember” – having weekend Fiance plans (concerts, game shows, NFL games, IMAX films, flights out of state to vist ‘someday-will-be-inlaws’) since the end of October – this past weekend was the first weekend in about 6 weeks that I didn’t have to do anything or go anywhere. Weee! Loved everything we did the last month, but it was nice to just stay home and be a mouse-potato all weekend.

Needless to say, one of the homebound things I did this weekend was work on the website. :) The Plea have been busy this past month, with three gigs (Power’s Bar, Club Surya, and Silver Bullet) and a video shoot for Glass Waltz, all in London, and the release of the new Send It Out video (with the new Send It Out single being released on December 31 – sending it out on New Years Eve <- I see what they did there! ;-) ).

Have yet to embed the new “Send It Out” video onto the YouTube page, and still need to add the video of “Windchime” (whole song! Oh ah yay!) that someone shot at Club Surya, and add the few photos that were shot from the Glass Waltz video shoot and shared over on Facebook. Would have finished the lot of it had it not been for those blasted Office Max elves. :D

Oh the Elves! :D Office Max has an online thing where you can “Elf Yourself” and I saw the end result that someone did for another band, thought it was hilarious, and so I opted to Elf The Plea. Uploaded the Hip Hop version to Facebook, but did save the links and copies of the videos for the other four musical options and saved all five of them to the new Christmas Fun With The Plea page. Very silly stuff, to be sure, but hey, they make for cute elves, even if Denny did somehow end up with Princess Leia hair. :D

In other places on the site:

Since the new video for Send It Out is out, I screencapped several of the images off the 1080p version of the video and swapped out the Staggers Anthem screencap background slideshow from the home page and replaced them with shots from the new video.

Newly found, purchased and arrived last month was an older Plea (before Paul and Gerry were in the band) 2 track single called “Coronary Hills”. Has that song as well as “Strange” (which Denny said was the first song he ever wrote). Both are awesome tracks. Added the 2 song tracklist as well as the CD artwork to the Plea Albums page. (And for anyone who is interested, there WERE three copies of it on AmazonUK. I got one, my Canadian partner in crime got the 2nd one, and well, the third one is still there. Get it while you can, they’re great songs!)

Finally remembered to upload and set up the Staggers Anthem track from when it was played on BFBS Radio last month. They kept it up for a week in their Listen Again section, but since I’m sure it’s offline there now, I saved it and uploaded it to the audio page. It’s basically just Staggers Anthem, but the DJ comment about Coldplay at the end makes it kind of funny. Not as funny as the “Fvck You Stupid Loser Band” comment from the Durango Sessions “Oh Ah Yay” radio clip, but still good.

And as always, screencapped and updated as I run across them, the usual new articles/reviews in the Bits and Bobs page.

Alrighty then. Hopefully will get the aforementioned Send It Out & Windchime videos and Glass Waltz photos added to the site shortly.

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