End of December Site Update

Denis_UKgigMy End of December, “what have I added to the site since the LAST update” post


 Well, don’t know how I’m going to top the last update, which had more elves in it than a Keebler cookie commercial. :D But I’ll give it a go…

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

The Plea Radio – All Plea, All the Time

Just added this morning, a new mp3 player to the sidebar. Pretty pleased with it, other than the fact that if you change pages, it shuts off. Of course, if you use the one HERE in the blog post, and click any of the links from the page here, they’ll open up in NEW windows and you won’t lose the player that way. :)

Hopefully I didn’t step on any legal toes by setting up the mp3 player. None of them are album tracks proper; all were either recorded off internet radio for their DJ comments, or pulled from YouTube videos and are different arrangements than the album versions and not actually available to buy anywhere.

Some of the DJ comments are pretty funny, particularly my ole favorite from the Durango Sessions. And I really just like the live versions of Send It Out from the original video and the RTE version of Windchime. And yes, there does seem to be an abundance of Oh Ah Yay (that one really made the rounds), including two acoustic live in the radio studio versions, which I quite like as well. (12/30/12 edit: And after checking with Denny, got the okay to add Jolie Louise to the playlist as well, so since that’s one of my FAVORITE-EST non album tracks, I added it, giving it a prime spot right at the top of the list!)

And also added to the site this month

You Tube Videos:

Finally added the new Send It Out video to the You Tube page. Also newly added, the live version of Windchime from the Club Surya show. AND don’t know how I missed adding these before, I think they were the only Plea videos on YouTube that I HADN’T added yet, the two short 2FM commercial blurbs, added those to the bottom of the page with the rest of the older clips.

December 2012 Tour Page:

Also added the Club Surya Windchime video to, well, the Club Surya section, on the December 2012 tour page. Also added there, the few photos that I was able to find relating to the other two gigs from the tour.

February 2013 Tour Page:

The Plea also added on another batch of UK tour dates in February, so set up a new tour page for that, including maps, links to the venues, and venue photos as well. Current favorite venue has got to be The Fishpond, I like the fact that it’s not as city-fied as some of the other locations.

New Facebook Photo Gallery Page:

The Plea just released some new promo photos on their Facebook page, and in a well-timed moment of “hmm… will this work? Why yes, yes it DOES!” found a way to embed the photos, albums, galleries and all, right here to the website. So there’s a new photo gallery page in town! Check it out.

Audio Captures Page:

A few new additions to the Audio Captures page, although with the addition of the MP3 player, that page has become a little redundant. But will leave it there, since not every audio capture on the page made it to the player. Anyhoo, Send It Out made it to BFBS Radio last month, and Oh Ah Yay got some airplay on BBC Radio 2 as well, so captured them before they got the boot off of their respective Listen Again pages, and saved them here.

New “Want List” in the sidebar:

It’s a very short list, just one item. Still have not managed to track down “The Haunted”, the reallyreally early CD by Denis and Dermot while they were still going by the name of Jacob’s Plea. Would offer my first born child to get my hands on that, except that since there isn’t one/won’t be one, it really wouldn’t be a very good deal for someone. LOL. But if ANYONE out there has a spare copy that they want to find a home for, I’m here! *waves hand frantically in the air*

And the usual Bits and Bobs added to the Articles and Reviews page.  Had quite a few new things show up during the month, so added them there.

I think that’s it! As always, the site is a perpetual work in progress, so keep checking back for more new stuffs about The Plea! Cool




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