Christmas Fun with The Plea

Curse you Office Max and your “Elf Yourself” online app. :D

What a time suck THAT turned out to be. Saw someone do this with another band, and thought “Hmmm, four elves, four Plea band members, let’s just Elf them out a little bit.” Didn’t know there were 5 different varieties of songs to choose from, and they all made me laugh, so kept playing them all back trying to figure out which one to post on FB. Then was going to download them, until I saw they were charging a buck a download, so just captured them instead. Then had to edit them into separate files, then find the perfect screencap for each one, then convert them so they’d stream here on the page.

So NOT what I’d planned on spending my day doing today. But it’s done. And my apologies to the band for turning them into elves, and to Denny especially, have NO idea how he ended up with Princess Leia cinnamon bun hair! Bwahaha!

Hip-Hop Elves (the one posted to FB, probably the funniest of the bunch)

“Soul Sleigh” Elves (this was the other one I nearly posted)

80′s Elves

Charleston Elves
(love Denny and Dermot’s patty-cake hand touches in this one! :D)

And Last but not Least, The Classic Elves.
(They sing in this one, and remind me a LOT of South Park’s Terrance and Phillip)

Links to the original online versions of the songs are here. Apparently these will be only live until January 1st or some such thing, which is why I saved them into the MP4s above. [2/10/2013 edit: These links apparently are still LIVE! Go figure! :) ]

Hip Hop Elves
Soul Elves
80′s Elves
Charleston Elves
Classic Elves