Another Plea to Vote for Glass Waltz at StarFM!

Vote for The Plea - StarFM Top 30 Countdown!Last week the Top-30 Countdown played second fiddle to my new license plate (not to mention that I didn’t post to the blog until Thursday night), and look what happened, The Plea DROPPED a place in the countdown last Saturday, from #16 to #17. So putting the countdown vote front and center in the new blogpost, and getting it out a little earlier in the week this week. Would have put it up last night, but someone posted the new German tour dates yesterday morning and since I already had folks in Germany checking out the tour pages here on the site right after the dates were posted, thought I needed to get the new dates listed on the site ASAP last night. :)

Uploaded last week’s Glass Waltz audio from the countdown since the DJ gave the song a fairly lengthy introduction; still hoping that I can trouble SOMEONE to at least give me a Reader’s Digest Condensed translation of the German, since even while I was taking German in high school, I was hardly what one could call fluent. Have become even less so in the 25+ years since.

So have a listen to the song, then click on over to StarFM and vote for The Plea and Glass Waltz. Need to stop that downward slide, and try to get them to break into the Top Ten this week! :)

Remember, to borrow a great quote from SOME political schmoe from back in the day: “VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN!” :D

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