A Weather Widget for Ballyliffin? WHY!?! :D

“Feeling scattered and confused with a slight chance of precipitation…”

I remember that quote from a book I read a long time ago, don’t remember which one now, but the quote stuck with me ’cause I always thought it was kinda clever. And it sort of fits with the theme of this post, which is kind of random.

A week or two ago, I found a very nice sidebar widget (and y’all know how much I like widgety things!) that would actually show what the weather was in Ballyliffin. There are many different weather widgets out there to choose from, but it took me several tries before I found one that actually knew what I was talking about when I entered Ballyliffin in as the city. (Ballyliffin is THAT big, huh? ;-) ) Actually, this one couldn’t seem to find it either, I had to plug in the actual coordinates for it to give me anything. But it seemed to work that way, so I ran with it.

Within just a couple of days I started to wonder “Why did I bother?” LOL. THIS is what one week of weather forecast looked like in Ballyliffin last week.

Did the sun actually come OUT on Saturday? And if it did, did anyone throw rocks at it? :D Guess it does rain a little there, doesn’t it?

01 02 03 04 05 06 07


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